Photo credit: Nguyen Nguyen

We are thrilled to report that 113 people donated to help raise $7580 to support the premiere of Rule of Thumb – our collaborative project with Atlanta-based choreographer, Lori Teague and Atlanta-based dance artists. This funding also supports our local tour of Mother.Father., Family Dinner and On Being American. We are deeply moved by the outpouring of generosity.

We want to publicly acknowledge:

The Rockstar Donors ($50+)

Abra Allan

Tessa Blake

Bernard Brown

Tommy and Melanie Button

Gregory Catellier

Leigh Davis

Lindsay Forsythe

Randy R. Fullerton

Ashley Hayes

Mary Kalifon

Jmy James Kidd

Teri Keeler

Christopher Keels

Jason Lyon

Julio Medina

Terry Morello

Nguyen Nguyen

Torie Osborn

Michael Rizzo

Michael Rivkin

Jeff Slayton

Susan Steinber-Oren

Mike Stutz

Susan Suarez

Shelby Williams-Gonzalez

The Stud Donors ($100+)

Christopher Abert

Janice Akers

Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke

Erin Davis

Laura Erlich

Ilaan Mazzini

Tom Peters

Lynn Peterson

David Petrarca

Karen and Vince Rizzo

Noelle Rodriguez

Jared Stern

Total Gem Donors ($250+)

Colin Campbell and Gail Lerner

The Royal Donors ($500+)

Susan Costonis

Dennis and Sandy Davoren

Mark Rizzo