a beach dance (2009/2011)

a beach dance is a mobile, public, community-based dance.  Dancers and non-dancers from all walks of life were invited to learn a simple phrase and to join this guerilla-style performance.  Performers were scattered along the shoreline for about 2 miles (from Rose Avenue to the SM pier). One dancer started dancing the phrase. She repeats it and another dancer joins her, then another and another. A dancing mob slowly accumulated as we progressed. The intent was to spread the joy of moving in a public space, reminding all that anyone and everyone can dance. It is designed to be permeable.  The unexpected audience could choose to become a spontaneous addition to the dancing mob. To my delight, many of the beach-goers along our route spontaneously joined us: kids, lifeguards, people of all ages and abilities. We’ve had the great fortune to set this in Santa Barbara during the SB aDapt Festival in 2011.