Photo credit: Steven Schreiber

A Question of Faith (2006)

A Question of Faith uses propulsive, urgent movement framed by a poetic, compelling narrative to capture the idea of faith as a kinetic experience. “Do I have enough faith to go on?” I was burned out and doubtful almost faithless, wondering why I continually return to the studio. Over the months of collaborating with talented and inspiring dancers, composer and writer, we have formed a very theatrical dance that takes a look at the journey to find faith (or rekindle it.)  My over-arching objective in my work is to fulfill my vision of melding story and movement.  The lens shifts with each new work.  The focus is sometimes soft and willowy while other times it is straight on.  In A Question of Faith, I tried my best to take it straight on. Somehow through this process, faith has been restored in my life. Created in collaboration with performers: Lindsay Forsythe, Melissa Maratto, Amanda Kwiatcowski, Lea Fulton, and Jennifer Sydor. Original music by Andy Miccolis. Written by Dave Mowers