Photo credit: Elazar Harel

Wet Spots: Solo (2010)

This solo is part dancing, part clowning and part history of female orgasm. I asked several women to tell me about their first and most memorable orgasms.  Using one woman’s answers as the score, I created a physical and theatrical landscape.  We hear about her youth that was abundant with big and crazy orgasms and then her present-day difficulty in finding that ‘right’ spot. Part of my motivation for making Wet Spots was to start a conversation about female orgasm because the topic was considered taboo or ignored and sometimes a joke.  All of these obstacles have undeniably robbed pleasure for generations of women.  This was my experience.  For many years I did not discuss my orgasms, or lack thereof, for fear of seeming inappropriate.

After a recent performance of Wet Spots: Solo, a woman in her late 50s approached me with breathless excitement, dying to tell me all about how she had recently discovered her G spot.  It was abundantly clear that she had not had this conversation with anyone before.  Yet she was so emboldened by the piece that she had the temerity to discuss her orgasms, in great detail, in the presence of one of her daughter’s blushing male friends.  She said to me, “I found out that my pleasure was not something that a man has to give me.  It’s mine.”  Amen, sister.  This dear woman confirmed that the content of my work was still important, but our conversation also clarified that the form is vitally important, as well.  The work emboldened her to speak.