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a series of home-hosted potlucks that center on collaboration, listening & disucussion

How do you belong or not belong? What have you done to survive? Family Dinner is a crowd-sourced dance-theater work created in collaboration with participants from a series of home-hosted potluck dinners. Together we examined the Biblical story from the Book of Ruth-looking at it as a contemporary political parable. From these conversations, Christine with collaborators Bernard Brown, Kai Hazelwood and Nguyen Nguyen built a new work examining the parallels of our current national identity and this ancient story of survival, immigration and hope. The goal of Family Dinner is to foster opportunities to gather, eat and have face to face conversations.

Family Dinner is presented by SuarezDanceTheater with performances by Bernard Brown, Kai Hazelwood and Nguyen Nguyen.

It is directed and choreographed by Christine Suarez in collaboration with the performers.

Original sound design created by Avila Santo.

Costume design by Michelle Groisman.


This project was made possible with funding from Santa Monica Cultural Affairs and individual donors.

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