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part dancing, part clowning and part history of female orgasm

Wet Spots: Solo is a culmination of four years of research in libraries, rehearsal studios, and a wide variety of performance spaces. In Wet Spots: Solo women tell their stories about their orgasms sharing the joy, shame and pleasure. Interspersed in the recorded interview, the performer, Christine, reveals herself as the ‘orgasm researcher.’ She speaks and dances excerpts of her research of female orgasm. As the “historian’ progresses, she shows that she is in fact in search of her own orgasm. Ultimately it ends with her finding her orgasm and toasting with the audience.


“May we all have as many orgasms as we wish this year.”


-12 minute performance and 20-30 minute post-performance discussion

Discussion Points:

The intention of this work is to educate about female sexuality and also (and more importantly) to allow for a conversation to happen – shining a light on an unspoken and even shameful subject. Why it is so hard for some women to have orgasms with a partner? Why do some women fake their orgasms and what does it take to get past faking it? How does that conversation happen?  What is the seed of the fear that keeps this conversation from taking place?  Are we afraid to experience pleasure?


Books/Articles of Interest:

Steintrager, James. “Are You There Yet?”: Libertinage and the Semantics of the Orgasm

Maines, Rachel. The Technology of Orgasm

Koedt, Anne. The Myth of Vaginal Orgasm

Irigaray, Luce. The sex which is not one.

Laqueur, Thomas. 1990. Making Sex: Body and Gender From the Greeks to Freud.

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